President: William E Wilson, MA

William Wilson is the advisor and primary instructor for the Fencing Club at Northern Arizona University.  Mr. Wilson began fencing in 1974 under the tuteledge of Instructor Silverberg at the State University College at Buffalo New York and Master Bella of Hamilton, Ontario. He received his Masters of the Arts from Northern Arizona University in Anthropology in 1984.

Mr Wilson has trained actor combatants and choreographed for Theatrikos Theater in Flagstaff Arizona for the the acting troupe Swordsman of the Northern Shores.  He is a former member of the Society of American Fight Directors.

Mr Wilson is an advisory board member of Swordplay Symposium International and is a contributing author to Online Academy of Arms Quarterly and the SSI. He is also on the board of the Association of Historical Fencing and is a master at arms candidate in the International Master at Arms Federation.  In the Society for Creative Anachronism Mr. Wilson is the Premiere of the Order of the White Scarf which is the highest award for fencing expertise in the Atenveldt (Arizona) chapter of the SCA.  Mr. Wilson has taught classes on rapier throughout the US, Canada and in Great Britain.  He is also completing the third edition of his book "Art of Defense", a manual on the use of the rapier (to be published by Chivalry Bookshelf, July 2002) .  Mr. Wilson works as an applied Anthropologist at Northern Arizona University.


Vice President: Gary M. Chelak, BFA

Gary Chelak began studying historical fencing in 1994 while attending college. He served as both assistant and primary historical fencing instructor. Mr. Chelak earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Arizona University with an extended major in Visual Communication. A nationally recognized designer, in 2001 he refocused to full time graphic arts instruction at a private college. Since then he has received multiple awards, including Outstanding MultiMedia Instructor.

Gary heads the Southern California branch of TSD, bringing a unique mix of competitive experience, academic research and creative padagogy. He has worked extensively with the texts of Nicolettó Giganti, Achille Marozzo and Camillo Agrippa, providing translation, interpretation, training and analysis of each. He is currently working on the 1587 text of Federico Ghisliero.

Known as Giacomo Cavalli da Treviso in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and enjoys participating and teaching in that group as time allows.


Treasurer, Moderator: Jon Barber

Jon Barber began his study of martial arts in 1982 (beginning with gojuryu karate and training in chidokwan karate, taekwando, escrima and danzanryu jujutsu) and began fencing in 1993. He became interested in historical fencing shortly afterwards through the Society for Creative Anachronism when Patri Pugliese handed him a copy of Giacomo DiGrassi's manual. Jon discovered Tattershall when he moved to Arizona in 2002 and quickly became immersed in their study of historic combat of all types.

He currently focuses on the works of Ridolfo Capo Ferro, Fiore dei Liberi, and anyone who ever wrote about how to hit someone with a stick. He heads the central Arizona Tattershall branch and is the head of the Historic Combat Program for the Arizona chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

In other areas, Jon escaped the world of corporate management and currently works for the Athletics Department of Arizona State University and as an academic reference librarian for the local community college district while he completes a Master's in Educational Leadership. He is an avid firearms enthusiast, motorcycle enthusiast and really, really needs to try and get to the local muay thai gym regularly.


Advisor: Maestro Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes teaches traditional Italian swordsmanship at Northwest Fencing Academy in Eugene, Oregon, and through the University of Oregon and Lane Community College. He also researches and teaches Italian medieval martial arts systems from original source materials, with a focus on Fiore dei Liberi’s Fior di Battaglia (Flower of Battle) and the later Bolognese systems, Renaissance Italian rapier, and early German sword and buckler from Royal Armouries Manuscript I.33.

Maestro Hayes studied traditional Italian fencing at California’s San Jose State University Fencing Master’s Program, under the direction of fencing master Dr. William M. Gaugler. The program employs the system of instruction developed by Masaniello Parise, first director of the celebrated 19th century Military Masters School in Rome. Maestro Hayes apprenticed directly under Maestro Gaugler from 1995 to 1999, and earned his Fencing Master’s diploma in May of 1999 after passing a three-year series of written, oral and practical examinations, including the preparation of an academic thesis in the final year. His examination for Master At Arms was conducted by an international board of 6 fencing masters representing the United States, France, and Italy.

He is a member of the SJSU Fencing Masters Program Examining Board for all levels of fencing teachers, has presented papers on medieval martial arts manuscripts at the University of Chicago and at the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University. He is a member of the editorial board of Western Martial Arts Illustrated, a quarterly magazine covering historical European martial arts.


Board Member: Dr. William Ernoehazy Jr., MD, FACEP (added 0108)

Dr. William Ernoehazy Jr., MD, FACEP, is an emergency medicine specialist in northeast Florida. He has been an expert witness in several criminal trials dealing with emergency medicine, trauma, and strangulation. “Dr. Bill” is also an avid martial artist, who has studied classical saber and aikido; his current area of concentration in the Western Martial Arts is the German medieval tradition, the Fechtkunst of Master Johannes Lichtenauer. An avid science fiction fan, Dr. Ernoehazy often attends Worldcons, DragonCon, and the occasional relaxicon. He is also a Naval veteran, a pistol expert, and a past NASA/University Of Florida Physician Affiliate for Shuttle launch operations. Following Steven Brust’s example, he hopes to get some sleep Real Soon Now.


Board Member: Puck Curtis (added 0308)

Puck Curtis began studying historical fencing in 1992 and began researching Spanish fencing in 1994. He is the cofounder of the Destreza Translation and Research Project and maintains the Theory and Practice section for the website. Currently living in Davis, California, he is the primary historical fencing instructor for the Davis Fencing Academy. Puck is certified to teach classical Italian fencing as a Master at Arms through the San Jose State Fencing Master's Program. He is also a member of the SCA's Order of the White Scarf.


Board Member: Eric Myers (added 0408)

Eric Myers has been involved in fencing and martial arts since 1984, and is a certified Master at Arms in classical Italian fencing through the San Jose State Fencing Master's Program. In 1998 he co-founded a historical fencing program with James Nordstrom. He currently teaches classical and historical fencing at two northern California fencing clubs, and the local Tattershall practice. Eric is also translating and interpreting several 16th and 17th century Portuguese fencing texts.