Mission Statement

The Tattershall School of Defense is a nonprofit corporation founded to meet the needs of the historical-oriented fencing community. The TSD exists to teach, preserve and support the art of the historical fencing (15th, 16th & 17th Centuries) as well as the classical period. In order to accomplish this, the TSD plans to organize seminars, lectures, workshops and similar programs, and to disseminate knowledge and basic factual material to its membership. Members and instructors in the TSD are also encouraged to help and support other institutions such as the AHF or the SSI. To raise public awareness we will host exhibitions and demonstrations. Along with the teaching of the mechanical aspects of historical fencing, TSD will promote the study of the philosophical and social aspects of the historical and classical fencing eras. To help with the understanding of general fencing history we have included the fencing throughout history section from AHF.